Assoc. Prof. Ha Quang Thuy is an Associate Professor at the Department of Information Systems and the Data Science and Knowledge Technology Lab (DSKTLab), Faculty of Information Technology, College of Technology (COLTECH), Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU). He received the PhD degree at the Hanoi University of Science (HUS), VNU in 1997. He was a Vice-Dean of the Faculty of Information Technology, HUS (From 1995 to 1999) and a Vice Rector of the COLTECH, VNU (September 2004 - January 2010). He was the Coordinator of the Laboratory of Data Science and Knowledge Technology from 11/2010 to 05/2015.


His research interests are concerned in Rough Sets, Data Mining (Text - Web - Social Media Mining and Process Mining) and KDD (Knowledge Discovery in Databases), and Parallel Algorithms. He is also interesting in the field of SSME (Service Science, Management and Engineering) since 2009.

DBLP: Quang-Thuy Ha, Thuy Quang Ha

Scopus Author Directory: Ha, Quang Thuy (Quang Thuy Ha) & Thuy, Ha Quang (Ha Quang Thuy) & Ha, Thuy Quang (Thuy Quang Ha)

ARNETMINER: Quang-Thuy Ha (with two adding papers from "Quang Ha")


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