KSE2010 Program
All program sessions will take place at Le Quy Don Technical University, 100 Hoang Quoc Viet, Cau Giay, Hanoi
Thursday, October 07, 2010
14:00 -
Tutorial: Learn to Rank: The Task, the State of the Art and the Future
Dr. Minh Le Nguyen - JAIST
Room: A2-H2
Chair: Dr. Nguyen Van Vinh
18:00 -
Conference Reception
Friday, October 08, 2010
08:00 -
Registration & Coffee 
09:00 -
Opening Session
Chair: Dr. Lam Thu Bui
Room C2-H2

Opening Speech by Prof. Pham The Long, President of LQDTU
PC Chair's address: Dr. Tuan Hao Hoang
09:30 -
Keynote Speaker 1
Topic:Probabilistic Grammar Models and Genetic Programming
Robert Ian (Bob) McKay, Seoul National University
Chair: Dr. Lam Thu Bui
Room C2-H2
10:30 -
Coffee Break
11:00 -
Session 1
Topic: Software Engineering 1
Chair: Dr. Pham Ngoc Hung
Room C2-H2
Session 2
Topic: Image Processing
Chair: Dr. Keum - Shik Hong
Room A2-H2
A Runtime Approach to Verify Scenario in Multi-agent Systems
Thanh-Binh Trinh, Quang-Thap Pham, Ninh-Thuan Truong, and Viet-Ha Nguyen
A New Method for Splitting Clumped Cells in Red Blood Images
Ngoc-Tung Nguyen, Anh-Duc Duong, and Hai-Quan Vu

An Extension of Mazukiewicz Traces and their Applications in Specification of Real-Time Systems
Do Van Chieu and Dang Van Hung
A Novel Computational Approach for Fire Detection
Ha Dai Duong and Dao Thanh Tinh
Assume-Guarantee Tools for Component-Based Software Verification
Pham Ngoc Hung, Viet-Ha Nguyen, Toshiaki Aoki, and Takuya Katayama
Investigation of the Hemodynamic Response in Near Infrared Spectroscopy Data Analysis
Le Hoa Nguyen and Keum-Shik Hong
12:00 -
Buffet Lunch
13:30 -
Keynote Speaker 2
Topic:  Toward the Realization of Casual Communication
between Robots and Humans based on CI Technology
Kaoru Hirota, Tokyo Institute of Technology, Tokyo Japan
Chair: Dr. Tuan Hao Hoang
Room C2-H2
14:30 -
Coffee Break
15:00 -
Session 3
Topic: Knowledge Engineering
Chair: Dr. Alexis Drogoul
Room C2-H2
Session 4
Topic: Modeling and Optimisation
Chair: Dr. Lam Thu Bui
Room A2-H2
  An Effective Method for Ontology Integration by Propagating Inconsistency
Trong Hai Duong, Sang-Jin Cha, and Geun Sik Jo
A Computational Framework for Adaptation in Military Mission Planning
Lam Thu Bui and Zbignew Michalewicz
  An Improvement of PIP for Time Series Dimensionality Reduction and Its Index Structure
Nguyen Thanh Son and Duong Tuan Anh
Constructive Generation of 3-COL Instances Focusing on Vertex Connectivity of Minimal Unsolvable Structures
Yoshitaka Nagasawa, Kazunori Mizuno, Hitoshi Sasaki, and Seiichi Nishihara
  Rule-Based Attribute-Oriented Induction for Knowledge Discovery
Nguyen Duc Thanh, Ngo Tuan Phong, and Nguyen Kim Anh
Integration of CAM Systems into Multi-axes Computerized Numerical Control Machines
Chu Anh My
  Supervised Feature Evaluation by Consistency Analysis: Application to Measure Sets Used to Characterise Geographic Objects
Patrick Taillandier and Alexis Drogoul
Simulated Annealing-Based Algorithm for a Real-World High School Timetabling Problem
Khang Nguyen, Tung Pham, Nga Le, Nguyen Dang, and Nuong Tran
  Supervised Learning of a Color-Based Active Basis Model for Object Recognition
T.T. Quyen Bui and Keum-Shik Hong

Simulation of Mixed Traffic Flow within Intersection

Vo Hong Thanh and Tran Van Hoai
17:30 -
Transportation to the Banquet
18h00 - Banquet
CIENTOS BEER - No 107 Tran Dang Ninh str., Cau Giay dist., Hanoi
Saturday, October 09, 2010
08:30 -
Registration & Coffee 
09:00 -
Keynote Speaker 3
Topic: Systems Engineering: an enabler for successful project
Joseph Kasser,National University of Singapore
Chair: Dr. Bao Son Pham
Room C2-H2
10:00 -
Coffee Break
10:30 -
Session 5
Topic: Software Engineering 2
Chair: Dr. Martin Steffen
Room C2-H2
Session 6
Topic: Machine Learning
Chair: Dr. Tuan Hao Hoang
Room: A2-H2
Change Management Strategies for the Successful Implementation of Enterprise Resource Planning Systems
Trieu Thi Van Hau and Joze Kuzic
Neural Networks Training Based on Sequential Extended Kalman Filtering for Single Trial EEG Classification
Arjon Turnip, Keum-Shik Hong, Shuzhi Sam Ge, and Myung Yung Jeong
Extending CREST with Multiple SMT Solvers and Real Arithmetic
Do Quoc Huy, Truong Anh Hoang, and Nguyen Ngoc Binh
Predicting the Tide with Genetic Programming and Semantic-Based Crossovers
Nguyen Quang Uy, Michael O’Neill, and Nguyen Xuan Hoai
Safe Typing for Transactional vs. Lock-Based Concurrency in Multi-threaded Java
Thi Mai Thuong Tran, Olaf Owe, and Martin Steffen
Privacy Preserving Classification in Two-Dimension Distributed Data
Luong The Dung, Ho Tu Bao, Nguyen The Binh, and Tuan-Hao Hoang
Verifying Implementation of UML Sequence Diagrams Using Java PathFinder
Dinh-Phuc Nguyen, Chung-Tuyen Luu, Anh-Hoang Truong, and Norbert Radics
Smoothing Supervised Learning of Neural Networks for Function Approximation
Thi T. Nguyen
12:30 -
Buffet Lunch
14:00 -
Session 7
Topic: Natural Language Processing
Chair: Dr. Le Minh Nguyen
Room C2-H2
Session 8
Topic:  Bio-Medical Information Processing
Chair: Dr. Quang Minh Bui
Room A2-H2
A Semi-supervised Learning Method for Vietnamese Part-of-Speech Tagging
Le Minh Nguyen, Bach Ngo Xuan, Cuong Nguyen Viet, Minh Pham Quang Nhat,
and Akira Shimazu
EM-Coffee: An Improvement of M-Coffee
Nguyen Ha Anh Tuan, Ha Tuan Cuong, Nguyen Hoang Dung, Le Sy Vinh,
and Tu Minh Phuong
Extracting Parallel Texts from the Web
Le Quang Hung and Le Anh Cuong
Interactive Exploration of Hierarchical Density Clusters in Gene Expression Data
Tran Van Long and Lars Linsen
Sentiment Analysis for Vietnamese
Binh Thanh Kieu and Son Bao Pham
SDA*: A Simple and Unifying Solution to Recent Bioinformatic Challenges for Conservation Genetics
Bui Quang Minh, Steffen Klaere, and Arndt von Haeseler
15:00 -
Coffee Break
15:30 -
Session 9
Topic: Web Information Processing and Security
Chair: Dr. Quang Anh Tran
Room C2-H2
An Adaptive Ontology Based Hierarchical Browsing System for CiteSeerx
Nanhong Ye, Susan Gauch, Qiang Wang, and Hiep Luong
An Efficient Identity-Based Broadcast Signcryption Scheme
Dang Thu Hien, Trinh Nhat Tien, and Truong Thi Thu Hien
Crawl Topical Vietnamese Web Pages Using Genetic Algorithm
Nguyen Quoc Nhan, Vu Tuan Son, Huynh Thi Thanh Binh, and Tran Duc Khanh
Spam Filter Based on Dynamic Sender Policy Framework
Nguyen Tuan Anh, Tran Quang Anh, and Nguyen Xuan Thang
17h15 Conference Close
Presentation guidance:

- Each paper will have 15 minutes for oral presentation and 5 minutes for questions.


C2-H2: Conference room - level 2 building H2

A2-H2: Meeting room A - level 2 building H2
L2-H2: Level 2 building H2